X-Bow Control Deck for Arena 7 and 8

X-Bow Control Deck for Arena 7 and 8

Let’s check out the X-Bow control deck in Clash Royale game! This is an amazing deck that will help push you to Challenger II. You will explore all cards in the deck, as well as find out the card replacements, along with so many tips and tricks!

X-Bow Control Deck for Arena 7 and 8

The advantages and disadvantages of X-Bow Control Deck

Make sure that you already have the Log before using this deck!

Below here are the advantages and disadvantages of X-Bow Control Deck:


  • It can totally cycle very fast. The quickest cycle will be 6.
  • It has two win conditions
  • It’s strong enough to go against Log bait
  • It is able to cope with Royal Giant, only when you are qualified enough.
  • This deck can counter attack most of other decks which usually fight off other X-bow deck.


  • This deck is so breakable and vulnerable to Royal Giant
  • If you don’t have a good starting hand, you may get drawbacks.
  • It only has 4 troops.
  • It’s kind of fragile against Splash.

X-Bow Control Deck for Arena 7 and 8

Card replacements

There is no denying that a lot of X-bow decks are so identical. The players are able to freely make a bunch of mixture decks. Nevertheless, normally, the X-Bow decks will consist of Inferno Tower, Log, and X-Bow.

For those who don’t have the Log in their hand yet, they can use Zap as an alternative to the Log.

You can select one of these following sets for the rest 5 cards:

  • Set 1: Ice Spirit or Archers
  • Set 2: Fire Spirits or Ice Golem
  • Set 3: Skeletons, Skeleton Army or Goblin Gang
  • Set 4: Mega Minion or Minions
  • Set 5: Fireball or Rocket

You should know that your play style may get affected a bit after you replace the cards.

Card Breakdown


This card is considered as the main win condition in this deck. It is able to fire fast and inflict large damage once being locked onto the tower. However, X-bow is kind of fragile and breakable to Inferno Tower and Royal Giant. It hardly gets through the attacks of Rocket, also, it will take some damage too. The Elite Barbarians will counter it. You can put him on a tile from the bridge. If you do so, you will be able to send out your units ahead of it.  Positioning X-Bow is the most crucial stuff you must know.


Rocket is seen as the secondary win condition in the deck. It doesn’t rely on levels, but you should improve it. Normally, the rocket in the tournament standard will inflict 493 damage on the crown tower. You should keep in mind the amount of the crown tower damage given out by the Rocket since it may make you keep the card and check down, giving a chance to the rival to demolish your tower.

If you are longing for the positive elixir trade from many positioned units, you can use this Rocket on defense. The way you play Rocket card is just very similar to a chip siege deck. This could be because that it always rockets the tower of the enemy, and take it out very fast. When the enemy puts a unit behind, that’s a perfect moment for you to Rocket him!

However, you can use the Fireball as an alternative to Rocket. Make sure you know that the deck won’t have two win conditions anymore once you replace your card.

Inferno Tower

Inferno Tower plays an important role in this deck! Most of the X-Bow decks don’t have enough strength to fight off strong tanks. So, you mustn’t replace this card.

The Log

The Log works with so many cards very well in the X-Bow decks. It’s up to you to replace it, however, you’re recommended not to.

Ice Spirit

Ice Spirit is considered as a backup card that can be used for a lot of purposes, also, it’s very cheap. You can utilize to prevent an Inferno or the Royal Giant from receiving hit.

You can use Archers as an alternative to Ice Spirit, but you should learn that your play style will be affected by that replacement.


Skeletons are amazing cards and very good at diverting a lot of things away. You can replace skeletons with a skeleton squad that will protect well, however, they won’t be possible to distract much.

Fire Spirits

This is your emergency protective card. You should keep them for the minion horde or the minions. When you’re in an emergency case, you can use this card! Also, you can replace it with Ice Golem in order to tank much better. However, if you do so, your deck won’t have any hard counter to deal with the minion horde.

Mega Minion

Mega Minion is very good at destroying glass cannons. It’s still a nice protective card even if it gets nerfed a lot of times.

Overall Game Plan

In the normal Elixir time

You can begin with a combo of light X-Bow and an Ice Spirit. This can help you check out the dangers that they are having. Also, try to speculate their counters. If you have a wrong speculation, you may lose the game easily. When the initial Test Push is over, you can continue putting down the X-Bow or fighting against their counters.

In the double Elixir time

During this double Elixir time, you can do the similar things mentioned in the normal Elixir time. But you must remember that the enemy can have more Elixir to set up their pushes.



Use the Inferno Tower to get rid of it, then utilize other units so that you can fight off the support.

If they use the pump to lure your Rocket, just quickly cycle back, or you can go slay the Musketeers. To destroy them, you have to send out Skeletons then shoot Spirits.

You need to use Ice Spirit, Skeletons, Fire Spirits, and Mega Minion to deal with them when they use Giant Graveyard.

Make sure you utilize your Inferno Tower to fight against Giant Hog Hybrid. Or, you can cycle back quickly just like your enemy.

Royal Giant

Most of the players using X-Bow decks won’t be glad when they see Royal Giant. But, you may be in luck if it is put down at the bridge.

Normally, most of the Royal Giant decks will possess only one counter to deal with the X-Bow, and it is Royal Giant. You can destroy the tower if protecting theirs and your X-Bow.

But if the Royal Giant is not placed at the bridge, he will probably already cycle back to the other one before approaching the bridge.

When they send out Hog Royal Giant, just set up your protection carefully!

Hog Rider

It’s easy to slay if they have low HP. But if they send out Hog Log bait, you should keep the Log for the Goblin Barrel.


Put an Inferno Tower right beside it, or you can continuously create units as the Inferno Tower is trying to slay it.


The Inferno Tower will tear this up provided that they have no lightning. Try to hold the pressure, and they won’t have sufficient Elixir to help it.

Elite Barbarians

You need to send out your units to divert it away.

Another X-Bow deck

Rocket and Inferno Tower are considered as two difficult counters to the X-Bow. They must be utilized in a proper way.

Tip for the protection

When you are in front of a tower, you should try to turtle up! This is a great tactic for the defense. To do so, you must put down X-bow as a protective building, and let it protect!

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