Ultimate Skeleton Deck for Pushing to Arena 7

The Skeleton Deck is an amazing deck in Clash Royale game. The deck and give out a stunning efficiency if you use it at Arena 6 or when you advance the game to Arena 7. In this deck, you will find out some great cards that can help you counter the opponents and defeat the rival cards, Skeletons, Bomber, Fireball, Witch and much more.  Ultimate Skeleton Deck for Pushing to Arena 7

Cards in Skeleton Deck


You can use Skeletons to protect and divert the units of the rival. With a group of Skeletons, a Mini P.E.K.K.A and other units will be completely knocked out. Skeletons are also good at giving out a bunch of damage if it’s unattended


The role of Tombstone in this deck is to divert the building! This card is good at destroying all building targeting units, only excluding for Royale Giant. Also, you can use Tombstone to fight back Freeze because a bunch of Skeletons will spawn if it’s demolished.


Using Zap can help you fight back Minions, Minions Horde, and Goblins. Try to attack them and then allow your Witch to complete the task.


Bomber is able to fight back Barbarians, and this card is known as the most amazing ranged unit that you have in the deck. You should use Bomber to temp Valkyrie and get rid of her by letting Towers launch a bunch of arrows so that you can get an Elixir advantage.


You can use Fireball to cope with large backup units. You can place the Skeletons on the back if the Fireball is at a low level.


Witch plays a significant role in the deck. With her, you will be able to give out lots of damage to the rival. She will use her Skeletons in a large push. You can play defense with her as well.


With the assistance of Balloon, you will be able to destroy a bunch of Towers at the very beginning of the game. You should prepare Zap and let it cope with the dangers that are trying to divert your Balloon away. Balloon should be paired up with a certain card in the deck.

Giant Skeleton

Don’t underestimate Giant Skeleton because it’s also a principal card in the deck. Being known as a true tanker that can discipline your enemy if he gives out too much push. You can totally get a nice Elixir advantage if the rival uses 3 Musketeers and Wizard. In addition, Giant Skeleton can be paired with Balloon, and together, they are able to demolish any tower.

Tactics for using this deck

You shouldn’t use Fireball and Zap almost simultaneously unless they are not required later. You should save up at least 1 so that you can cope with Minion Horde and other units.

Always play defense when using this deck! The combo of Skeleton and Tombstone can help you cope with deadly pushes dealt by Hog Freeze. You should free to use more Elixir than the rival when you play defense. Make a good use of the remaining to fire a counter push.

If you encounter Baby Dragon, you can use Fireball to cope with it and divert it away by using a certain card. Allow your Towers to deal more damage. Alternatively, you can use Witch and put this card at a far distance. Doing so will help it call for Skeletons to divert the Dragons.

When you encounter Minions, you can use Zap to decrease their strength and allows your units or Tower to kill them. Use these cards when you play offense! If the Minions are trying to assault, just let your Witch destroy all of them. But occasionally, you should leave them unattended to save up your Elixir to give out another larger push.

Tombstone can fight against Balloon! It can tempt the Balloon to the middle, then you let your Witch defeat it. Next, you will start a counter push, or you can use Witch and Fireball at the same time to defeat the Balloon faster.

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