Royal Giant Deck for Arena 7

Are you ready to explore everything about the Royal Giant Deck for Arena 7 in Clash Royal game? This is considered as a great deck in the game for now. One of the most interesting points is that it has a hostile play style created by the low average Elixir cost. You are able to cycle through so many cards faster in this deck. Also, your Hog Rider and Royal Giant are able to prevent many counters. You can even fight back a lot of things effortlessly by using the remaining of the deck. If you know how to use the deck wisely, try to learn all good tactics, you can totally reach Arena 8.

Royal Giant Deck for Arena 7

Royal Giant Deck for Arena 7


Royal Giant

Needless to say, Royal Giant is known as one of the most famous cards at Arena 7. This card plays a big role and it’s a base for other decks to be set up. You may get irritated to fight against Royal Giant because of his attack range. Besides, he can be tanky a lot. He will be used to take in a bunch of damage as well as defend your support units at the back.

Hog Rider

Just like Royal Giant, Hog Rider is also another famous card in the game. There is no denying that this card is kind of adaptive in this deck. He will be considered as the win condition, which is very similar to other decks. You will be able to utilize him for drawing the counters effortlessly. Also, he is good at luring out, demolishing protective buildings, as well as clearing up the building at the perfect moment.

Fire Spirits

It is considered as the MVP in the entire deck. These guys are able to get rid of squishy stuff very easily. You can utilize the Hog Rider to gather around the counters of your enemy, after that, you can destroy all of them or the Barbarians by utilizing Fire Spirits. No need to say more, this card is truly handy!

Spear Goblins

Spear Goblins are extremely great and handy for you to divert as well as bait the units. You can also employ them for offense and inflict chip damage on the enemy cards very effectively. However, your Royal Giant still needs to be protected, and these Spear Goblins guys are the perfect candidate for that. Make sure you use them wisely to back up the Royal Giant!


Skeletons are one of the most outstanding cards in the game. Whenever you send your Hog Rider and Royal Giant, normally, you will be low on Elixir, but no need to worry about that, thanks to Skeletons, you are going to be rescued by them many times. They will be able to stop your enemies and fight off all cards, including Prince, Giant Skeleton, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Minion Horde, Wizard and much more.


No more words for the Zap! It is known as an amazing card in Clash Royal game that is extremely good at offense and defense. You can use this one to deal with the dangers in almost any cases.


Cannon is still a perfect counter to Royal Giant and Hog Rider. Cannon should be positioned properly in order to get the Royal Giant aggressive, but make sure that it will still be in the assault range of your Tower. The combo that has Cannon and Arena Tower, which is already strong enough to cope with the push of Royal Giant or Hog Rider. The Royal Giant is able to fire your Cannon, so you must use it wisely and instinctively.


Minions are amazing cards that you can use for assisting your Royal Giant. They are also handy when being used on defense. With them, your Royal Giant will be well protected, and they can even help you wipe out Valkyrie as well as Mini P.E.K.K.A very fast.

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