Rocket Firing Deck for Arena 7 and 8 – F2P No-Epic Deck

Great news for all players of Clash Royale game! It’s time to find out another awesome deck called Rocket Firing which will be for Arena 7 and 8. However, for those who are not skilled enough yet in this game, they probably will fail when using this Deck because you mostly have to protect with a 6 Elixir disadvantage. Start checking the deck out now!

Rocket Firing Deck for Arena 7 and 8 – F2P No-Epic Deck

What you should do with Rocket Firing Deck for Arena 7 and 8

Simple Game Plan

  1. Put your Elixir collectors down to obtain Elixir advantage.
  2. Protect with Barbarians and Buildings.
  3. Use Rocket, Fireball and Spear Goblins to demolish tower.

Protective Tactic

Royal Giant

  1. Inferno tower
  2. Barbarians
  3. Inferno + Barbarians

Royal Giant with tiny units ahead

  1. Fireball/Zap + Inferno
  2. Fireball/Zap + Barbarians
  3. Bomb Tower + Inferno

Hog Rider

  • Barbarians
  • Bomb Tower
  • Inferno (You’re suggested to not use this, but you can think about sending it out if you have nothing else)


If you use Zap with anything, it’s surely 100% win rate for you.

Pekka/Golems/Lava Hound:


Hut Decks

  1. Keep dropping Rockets and Fireball at their huts, you will surely get 100% win rate.
  2. Protect with Bomb Tower.


  1. Inferno Tower
  2. Spear goblins

Arrow bait decks

  1. Only utilize Zap to deal with Goblin Barrel
  2. Only utilize Fireball to deal with Minion Horde

Miner decks

Your protective building should be put right beside your crown tower which is being assaulted. Doing so will let your building aim at the Miner. Then, you use anything you have to battle against the oncoming units.

Useful tips and tricks

You can give out chip damage to the tower of your enemy by utilizing Spear Goblins. Your rival will occasionally utilize Elixir to protect, just do whatever you know and have to disturb their offensive game strategy.

You should learn the right time to prevent the building Elixir collectors.

Put your Elixir Collector down ahead of your King Tower to make two crown towers aim at the Miner if they possess it. But if you learn that they don’t, you should put it at the back of the tower so they won’t assault to elude the lightning and fireballs.

At the early stage of the game, if Elixir collector is not in your hand, you should start doing anything first. Just wait a bit to see what your enemy does first. If he releases something at the back of his tower, then you should quickly rocket or fireball it.

When putting down an Inferno Tower to fight back the Royal Giant of your enemy, you are able to send a Zap if your opponent has backup units, like an Ice Wizard for instance. In a 1v1 battle, you no need to play Zap because the Inferno will always be the winner!

If you have 4 Barbarians in your hand and they are kind of unhurt, you will be able to speculate the enemy will release his units ahead of his tower, then you can use Rocket or Fireball to fight him off.

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