Rocket Cycling Deck for Arena 6 in Clash Royale Game

It’s time to explore a brand new deck in Clash Royale game now! You are going to find out an easy deck called Rocket Cycle which can be utilized for Arena 6. Due to the name of this deck, obviously, Rocket plays a very important role in this deck, and it can be used to deal the damage to the opponent. This deck can be cycled easily, and you will even get a chance to utilize all cards for your protection.Rocket Cycling Deck for Arena 6 in Clash Royale Game

All cards in Rocket Cycle Deck


Using Rocket wisely can help you win the battle easily. The Rocket is totally able to make your rival imbalanced and force them to play the game with your speed. This means that the opponent will have to play in a very discrepant way, which is not the same as what they usually do. If he is unable to position his ranged backup far away just like what he usually does, you should turn him down -1 elixir for each of push, make him find out how to locate the huts quickly and well, or he will lose. For the ones who play defense, they are forced to play offense so that they can counter your rocket cycle or they will lose the battle. Because of the medium elixir cost of 3.4, the watchful player will feel under pressure for conquering you at the rocket pace.

Elixir Collector

If you want to conquer all battles in Clash Royale game, you must try to use strategies to play it in a passionate way and obtain an elixir advantage. The main value of Elixir Collector is stacking up a bunch of elixir to you. That’s why you should wait a bit until the rival drops something so that you can attack him back.


Highly effective against barbs and your typical spear goblin defense. If you know your opponent’s primary defense is going to be barbs & spear goblins cycle to double bomber with your push. If your opponent reveals goblin barrel try to keep a bomber in your hand, a quick reactive bomber is just as effective as arrows.


Musketeer can be considered as the principal root of tower damage. Together with other ranged troops in the deck, Musketeer and those friends are totally able to decrease the damage given by a hog freeze while they are dealing a slaying tower push. The enemy is preparing a cannon to play defense, you must get rid of that cannon by cycling in a pair of musketeer before he launches the cannon to demolish your push.


Archer can make a great teamwork with Musketeer and Spear Goblins. These friends are able to attack the hog and kick it out of freeze scope. They are also capable of surviving a bunch of arrows, as well as dealing a large amount of damage if a Knight or a Musketeer defends them.

Spear Goblins

Spear Goblins can be viewed as another great teammate in a ranged threesome. You will get a push protection to fight against a minion horde by cycling Spear Goblins.


Knight is known as a low-priced tank that can be released on the heads of player. He can be shifted to the towers. He always sits on the head of Wizard and tries to enter the towers without purpose.


The Skeleton is good at fighting by utilizing his amazing abilities. He can backstab lots of wizards that are diverted by Knights.

Common Strategy

When playing this deck in particularly, and other decks in generally, you should always keep in mind that you must obtain elixir advantage by using Elixir Collector and always play offense skillfully to counter all the cards dropped by opponents. Even if this deck doesn’t cost much Elixir, you shouldn’t give out too much, or you will have to receive a fireball. You should place the elixir collector down once obtaining an elixir advantage rather than making an effort to push in an offensive way.

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