Miner Hog Rider Cycle Deck

If your goal is to push from 1800 to 3600 trophies in Clash Royale game, then be sure to check out an amazing Hog Miner deck which can help you achieve your goal. Using this deck wisely will lead you to the final success. So you should take a chance to explore some tips, strategies and an overall game plan about the Hog Rider Cycle deck.

Miner Hog Rider

TheDylPkel’s Miner Hog Rider Cycle Deck for Arena 6

Miner Hog Rider Cycle Deck for Arena 6+

Cards Breakdown

Hog Rider

Hog Rider is considered as one of the principal offensive cards in the deck. It has nice and fast movement speed while it’s trying to inflict a fair amount of damage. Also, it can serve as a good mini tank simultaneously. Hog Rider is able to draw the attention of some units towards it, which will scare them off away from your tower for a limited period of time. You should pair him with the Goblins so you can perform big push.


Miner plays an important role in this deck too. He is one of the principal tanks that can team up with a lot of cards due to his amazing skill to move to any locations in the arena, while he is soaking damage. You need to use only 3 Elixir to send him out.


Witch can be used as a defensive card to go against the single-hit units like Prince, or Mini P.E.K.K.A. Witch is able to take out any units that are low on HP, like Goblins, Skeletons, Minions. When she is tanked by the Hog Rider and Miner, she becomes powerful!

Inferno Tower

Inferno Tower is also the main defensive card that can be used to counter Golem, Giant, and others. Perhaps it needs some help destroying the support units when a large push is performed by your enemy, however, it’s able to destroy the tanks. Inferno Tower also has high HP.


This card is considered as a nice support for a lot of units. You can replace your Inferno Tower with Goblins if you are unable to bring it in. Goblins can help you destroy solitary and slow tank aiming at your buildings. Also, you can use them to assist Miner and Hog Rider when trying to demolish a tower.


Minions can deal high damage to the enemies. However, these cards are seemingly more modest than the Goblins. You only need to spend 3 Elixir on Minions, so it’s quite cheap for a high damage card like this. Minions can assist your tanks easily, and destroy the ground units that are standing in the pathway. Also, they can get rid of a solitary tank. You can use Minions as an alternative to your Goblins.


Zap is one of the cards that is used most by the players. You can use Zap for a lot of situations in the game. This is a handy card with several nice uses:

  • Can reset the Inferno Tower damage
  • Make units unable to move for a while and reset their assault
  • Provide your unit a little bit more time to destroy
  • Kill troops that are low on HP.
  • Finish off a tower or units when it is a low HP.


Fireball is kind of useful. It is able to counter several weaknesses in the deck. You can select Poison but this card won’t carry out his job instantly, which is different from the fireball that willingly offers up a little bit damage for a time.

Overall Game Plan

Beginning Options

  • You can use a Hog Rider and Goblins/Minions at 10 Elixir, then, hope that Fireball or Zap will work to their full potential when they need to fight off some units.
  • Be sure to check if you can prepare Zap or send your Hog Rider and Goblins/Minions soon or not. Expect that they won’t play anything which can’t be destroyed by your Zap.
  • Just play a Miner and Goblins/Minions, then sit back, wait to check out what they will do. If they send out Barbarians or units that a Fireball can destroy, you should leave it to Witch, and quickly place on the side of the Tower. Witch is able to destroy these units if she is supported by the tower.
  • Use the Miner, after that, send out Goblins or Minions to help it. You need to place them to the border of the arena soon, then, wait for their counter. If they use Zap to defeat your support units, you shouldn’t get panicked. If you learn that they play a tank, then quickly utilize your Inferno or Witch for fighting it off. They won’t have a Zap to destroy Witch Skeletons or put back your Inferno Tower.

But if Miner or Hog Rider is not your beginning choice, then you can follow some suggestions below here:

  • Hog Rider: Play only him then check out the way they protect.
  • Miner: Shouldn’t send him out soon, just wait until you have some support. Or you can use him to draw away the buildings that the Hog Rider is targeting. Doing so will help your Hog Rider get through and inflict damage on the tower.
  • Goblins/Minions/Witch: When you have no Hog Rider or Miner, then one of these cards, such as Zap, Fireball and Inferno Tower, should be available in your deck. Use them to protect against your opponent pushes.
  • Witch is able to inflict splash damage (destroy Minion Hordes, Skeleton Armies, and Barbarians)
  • Minions are able to get rid of Skeleton Armies and Barbarians or even a solitary tank.
  • You can use Goblins to destroy a solitary Tank, or Skeletons/Skeleton Army/Graveyard
  • Inferno Tower: You employ this one to fight off any pushes performed by your enemy. However, if this card does that alone himself, some Minions or Goblins can help him.

Principal Push

Hog-Miner-Witch: You need to put the Witch at behind, and place the Hog Rider ahead of her. You can place the Miner at the tower of your enemy or at the protective building. Employ your Fireball and Zap to destroy units or reset the assaults of the enemy.

Hog-Miner-Support: Put down the support units like Goblins or Minions, after that, use the Hog Rider to tank them. Place the Miner at the tower of the enemy or at the protective building. Similarly, the units will be defeated by the Fireball and Zap. These cards will reset the rival assaults as well.

Triangle Push (after having 1 crown): Put down a Miner to the tower, and place support units on the bridge. Hog Rider needs to be placed at the center of the side of rival fast. By doing so, they will find it very hard to fight back the push due to the distance between your units and tower. Destroy any countering units with your Zap or Fireball.

Triangle Push II (after having 1 crown): Put your Miner to the tower, and place the Hog Rider on the Bridge. Your support units need to be placed carefully to draw away the buildings that are located in the center of your enemy’s side. The countering units should be destroyed by your Fireball or Zap.

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