Hog Royal Giant – Easy-to-use Deck for Arena 8+

Explore another awesome deck in Clash Royale game called Hog Royal Giant and find out a lot of tips as well as nice strategies that you should use for taking out the cards of your opponent. This deck is considered as an easy one that is very great for the players that are playing Arena 8 and above!

Hog Royal Giant – Easy-to-use Deck for Arena 8+

The advantages of disadvantages of Hog Royal Giant Deck


  • It has awesome synergy
  • It can fight back the best Barbarians very well
  • It is not high-priced


  • This deck is somewhat fragile to Lava Lightning
  • It’s vulnerable and frail to “charger” decks
  • It’s low-powered to Hog decks

The breakdown of Cards

Royal Giant

The Royal Giant plays the first crucial role in the deck. If you pair him with Minions or Fire Spirits, you will be able to destroy the units that they are trying to fight you back. Since this is an offensive card, you shouldn’t use him for defense.

You utilize the Royal Giant in order to lure the building of your rival, which will let you use and play your Hog Rider in a secure way. But you are also able to do the contrary by utilizing your Hog Rider for luring their building as well as your Royal Giant for giving damage.

Hog Rider

The Hog Rider plays the second principal role. After luring your rival’s assault with your Royal Giant, now you will use Hog Rider. Try to pair him with your Ice Golem, Minions or even Fire Spirits. The Hog Rider is able to take a leap over the river, and this exclusive skill can be utilized for pulling troops.

Ice Golem

This is one of the best and the most amazing cards. You can use him for tanking for Hog Rider, which will give him a full protection from Minion Horde or Skeleton Army. You can also utilize the Ice Golem in a defensive way for clearing out or drawing away troops. A solitary Ice Golem on defense is able to close down these troops:

  • Barbarians
  • Bowler
  • Archers, Musketeer etc.
  • Skeleton Army, Minion Horde etc.
  • Knight, Mini P.E.K.KA etc.


The Tesla is a card that is not utilized much since it’s placed in the center between a Cannon and Inferno Tower. You can use the Tesla to counter a Hog Rider, Royal Giant, Giant and so on. The skill of aiming air troops makes Tesla an exclusive card, while the Cannon doesn’t have this skills.

Using a solitary Tesla will be able to finish off these units:

  • Giant
  • Hog Rider
  • Ice Wizard, Wizard etc.
  • Miner, Lumberjack etc.
  • Mortar, X-Bow
  • Balloon, Baby Dragon etc.
  • Lava Hound

Fire Spirits

The Fire Spirits can make excellent teamwork with the Royal Giant, particularly with the Hog Rider. They will surely finish off a lot of swarmy troops and fight off Musketeers as well as Mini P.E.K.K.A. They can launch a large push to get pass any protective building that was position in the other lane by the enemy.

You can also use Fire Spirits for defense against a Miner and Minion Horde combo or even a Goblin Barrel. They are known as the most low-priced splash unit, hence, you will surely have sufficient Elixir for an additional group of Fire Spirits all the time.


The Minions are common! Lots of other decks utilized Mega Minion instead of the Minions. The Mega one can totally fight better than the Minion, excluding for one thing, it can’t divert! The Minion is able to divert an Inferno Tower effortlessly, which will permit your Royal Giant to destroy it without taking any damage. If you perform properly, the tower will lock onto the Royal Giant as well as the Inferno Tower to the Minions. This will make 1-2 Minions stay alive, which will give out lots of damage to their tower if left unattended.

You can use the Minions for defense as well to counter a Mini P.E.K.K.A or Valkyrie. They will be able to destroy any ground troops without dealing any damage to the tower. The Minions are also considered one of the best cards countering the Graveyard.


Using the Skeletons can help you in drawing a Mini P.E.K.K.A away easily. Also, the Skeletons are able to pull a Valkyrie, which will entirely finish her off.


Zap is extremely great at aiming at an Inferno Tower onto your Minions rather than Royal Giant.

– I have one thing to say:

Hog Royal Giant – Easy-to-use Deck for Arena 8+

Overall Strategy

You don’t have to prepare any skills when using this deck. However, you should be cunning a little bit to find out what your enemy is playing prior to letting him know that you have Royal Giant. After that, you can use your Hog Rider to lure their counter, position your Royal Giant and then check out their counters, if they use one of these following cards:

  • Cannon
  • Bomb Tower
  • Barbarians
  • Minion Horde
  • Bowler
  • Mega Minion

Then, you should lure their counter by using your Royal Giant, and utilize your Hog Rider. But if it’s one of these cards:

  • Inferno Tower
  • Tesla
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A
  • Elite Barbarians

You must lure their using your Hog Rider first, and after that, you can utilize your Royal Giant.

Starting Hand

Below here are the cards you wish to play first, orderly:

  • Hog + Ice Golem or Fire Spirits at the bridge
  • RG + Minions at the bridge
  • Skeletons + Fire Spirits combo at the bridge
  • Skeletons at the back
  • Minions at the bridge

The Hog Rider can be utilized when you have already lured the counter of your opponents with your Royal Giant, or even when you are luring the counter using your Hog Rider.

To push with your Royal Giant, you need to put your RG down at the bridge, wait a bit, then, start putting down the Minions at the back in order to make the tower lock onto the Royal Giant. Then, you must use Zap to destroy their Inferno Tower if they utilize it.

Attacking Combos

Below here are several attacking combos you can use to deal with your opponent:

  • Hog + Fire Spirits or Ice Golem, which is the principal Hog push
  • RG + Minions, which is the principal RG push.
  • RG + Fire Spirits. You use this only when you are in need of a tower, and you have no Minions in your hand.
  • Hog + Skeletons. You use this when you are in need of a tower, a building has been already positioned in the other lane by your rival, and you have no Fire Spirits in your hand.

Protective Combos

Having no great defense won’t help you approach anywhere. So, check out several awesome defensive combos below:

  • Tesla + Minion + Ice Golem, which is the principal defense to counter a Giant push. –
  • Tesla + Zap, which can be used to fight back a Hog and several small troops push.
  • Ice Golem + Fire Spirits, which can be used to fight against the best Barbarians.
  • Minions + Ice Golem, which is very great at finishing off several random troops.

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