Hog Poison – Stunning Clash Royale Arena 6 Deck

It’s not hard to reach Arena 8 with Arena 6 deck if you know all the tips and tricks. Let’s find out this brand new deck in Clash Royale game. The big awesome point of this deck this that you are not required Legendary, so you can totally utilize whenever you need steady wins to approach Arena 8.

Hog Poison – Stunning Clash Royale Arena 6 Deck

All cards in this Arena 6 Deck


Hog Rider is always one of the best cards that the players mostly choose. The Royal Giant can be replaced with Hog Rider occasionally in the deck. But you should think about it carefully before replacing because Hog is much better. Without him, you will find it very hard to conquer the match. It’s very easy to cycle back to him and deal damage to the Towers of your enemy throughout the combat.

Hog Poison – Stunning Clash Royale Arena 6 Deck

Elixir Collector

With Elixir Collector, you are permitted to cycle back to the Hog Rider very fast and effortlessly. Just leave Elixir Collector unattended, then, you will surely have sufficient Elixir for protection while you are cycling the deck. The enemy will use his Spell to assault your Elixir Collector, but this will be fine, and it only gets worse if he uses Rocket to get an equal exchange. If he uses Miner, you must have your Skeletons ready and begin to release them on above him. If he doesn’t stop using Miner, just put your Elixir Collector at the middle of your side.


Poison is also one of the most common cards that a lot of players use. You can use Poison for defense in order to destroy all backup units that are staying at the back of a tank. Also, you can use it for an offense as well. It will help defend your Hog Rider, and your enemy won’t be able to send out all his tiny units for protecting. If you have Zap, just use it to finish off all the swarms. It’s not hard to obtain value with the Poison since it lasts kind of long.


No need to say much, Zap is a popular card in Clash Royale game! You can totally utilize it to get rid of tiny units and defend your Hog Rider easily. Also, you can use it to set the target of Inferno Tower and Royale Giant again. The charges of Sparky will be halted by Zap too. Make sure to employ Zap in a proper way and you will find it very easy to handle any Sparky deck.


After being greatly improved and upgraded, Valkyrie becomes one of the most popular and excellent cards in the game. She possesses amazing HP and damage. You can use Valkyrie ahead of your Hog Rider, and you release a sneaky attack. Once protecting with Valkyrie, you should release Hog Rider at the back and then get her to the tower of your enemy.


Musketeer is a kind of adaptive card which you should utilize to play defense and offense. Without her, it will be hard for you to win the deck too. Try to use her in a proper way all the time!


Using Skeletons will give you a lot of value. The Skeletons cards can be utilized to divert P.E.K.K.A, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Princes away and so on. If you leave them alone, they will surely deal a bunch of damage. Since the Elixir cost of them is lower than 1, the enemy will not use Zap, Fireball or Arrow to fight them off. You can pair Skeletons with Cannon in order to destroy Hog Rider, Giant, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Royal Giant and so on. Or, you can combine them with Hog Rider to play offense so that you can give a lot of damage to fight off the Inferno Tower.


Cannon shouldn’t be a rejection to the players as this card is still a good one. You need to put it down in a reactive and proper way because this is a key element for you to conquer the combat. Because of the lifetime, you should only position it down after your enemy has deployed Royal Giant, Giant Skeleton, Giant, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Hog Rider and so on.

General Game plan

When you play this deck, you should play it a defensive way, and always try to take advantage of the mistakes of your enemy so you can perform a counter attack. You probably figure out that most of the cards of this deck are kind of handy to play both defense and offense.

You shouldn’t anticipate destroying a Tower in just a bit. Deal damage to it while you are handling the combat and keeping the Elixir advantage. If the enemy releases a tank on the side you are trying to push, you should change to the opposing one instantly. It’s not hard to work on two Towers, you can do so easily, and totally play for a tie.

There are several issues that this deck has when it faces off against Lava Hound Balloon decks since Musketeer is a merely anti-air unit. When confronting with a Lava Hound Balloon deck, make sure you stay concentrated on Balloon first because it is the principal damage dealer. You can totally destroy it by utilizing your Musketeer, and you can bait it to the other side by making a good use of your Elixir Collector and Cannon.


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