Hog Hut Deck: Easy 2000+ Trophies at Level 6

Are you up for checking out another amazing deck in Clash Royale game? Let’s find out Hog Hut Deck, which can support you to push from Arena 6 to Royal Arena in several days. If you are so into Hut Decks, you should explore this one instantly!

Hog Hut Deck: Easy 2000+ Trophies at Level 6

The Use of Cards

Tesla and Skeletons: Together, they are such a perfect team! Tesla is the protective building card of this deck, and it doesn’t cost too much Elixir. It gives out good damage and can aim at both units at the ground or in the air. The drawback of this one is that it doesn’t have high HP when some of the high damaging units like Prince, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Hog Rider can defeat it easily using just only 1 or 2 hits. You can get some tankers for the Tesla and Skeletons which is a nice card because it only takes 1 Elixir. You can spend a lot of Elixir on attacking to help the Huts oppress the enemy’s tower constantly.

Minion Horde and Knight: This can be a great protective unit combo in the game! The enemy occasionally doesn’t; want to deploy several units to hit you. If you encounter with a large push to the Tesla and Skeletons, you just can’t release the cards and expect to win the protection. In this case, if the enemy utilizes a Wizard to support his Giant, you shouldn’t utilize Minion Horde to destroy the Wizard or Giant because they will be defeated no matter what. You need to release your Knight for the Wizard and when that Wizard are blocked on the Knight, utilize the Minion Horde to get rid of Wizard and Giant from the other side.

Hog Rider: You can use Hog Rider effectively in the deck because he can give out a bunch of damage to buildings and Towers. If you release one 1 Hog Ride, he can infrequently attack more than twice.

Barbarian Hut and Goblin Hut: Their levels are not important much because their objective is to cause oppression on 1 lane and Hog Rider is the core damage of the deck. You should utilize Huts at least level 4 so that you can reach Arena 7.

Hog Hut Deck: Easy 2000+ Trophies at Level 6

Significant Tips

You must always keep a Tesla up because it can help you a bit. You probably want to build Huts without ceasing in this deck. You are not strong enough to fight back most of the assaults and probably your tower will be gone in the initial 10 seconds if you don’t keep your Tesla up. In addition, if you encounter with an X-Bow deck, you shouldn’t utilize your Tesla and stay concentrated on building Huts for the whole fight.

You shouldn’t use Hut on the ground; it’s very hard to conquer with this deck. You shouldn’t just release troops only either.

Only if the enemy didn’t succeed in performing a large push, just utilize your Hog Rider.

The enemy always makes an effort to utilize arrows and troops that give out splash damage on your units when you have a fair amount of spawned units. Then, just instantly utilize the Minion Horde and Horde Rider to give out large damage.

When you get x2 Elixir speed, you probably want to circle your cards to create more huts so that they can go on oppressing. But, you have to be more careful! If the enemy has Prince, Hog or Balloon, you should save several tiny units for them.

You should put Huts far away from your Arena Towers and close to your King’s Tower to stop the enemy from attacking using his fireball or rocket.

A perfect way to tackle with Lightning Spell hut is to attack aggressively with Hog Rider. The enemy will use 6 Elixir on Barbarians Hut, but it will survive and continue spawning more Barbarians. When the enemy utilizes Lightning, you just instantly utilize your Hog and deploy some support units behind.

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