Everything about Miner Deck That Helps You Reach Arena 8 In Clash Royale Game

If you are making an effort to go from 2000 trophies to 2999 trophies in Clash Royale game, just be sure to explore a Miner Deck which helps you do so. This deck can draw the attention of many players because it contains lots of handy cards. You are supposed to learn tips and tricks on how to use them properly during the game.

Everything about Miner Deck That Helps You Reach Arena 8 In Clash Royale Game

Everything about Miner Deck That Helps You Reach Arena 8 In Clash Royale Game



Miner can be a crucial card in the deck. The Miner can make the deck complete and help fight off the enemies. You can employ Miner in a lot of cases. It will be used to destroy the Elixir Collectors of the rival, inflict chip damage to the Tower, wipe out all class cannons at the back of the tanks, as well as protect your glass cannons from taking damage. There is no denying that Miner is extremely adaptable. The deck can get to the subsequent level thanks to Miner.

Mini P.E.K.K.A

Mini P.E.K.K.A also plays a great and important role in the deck. It’s considered as a crucial damage dealer and is very important in the deck since it is able to fight against the Royal GG as well the Hog Rider. In addition, Mini P.E.K.K.A is able to kill the damage dealers at the back of a tank, which lets it cooperate with the Miner.


Musketeer can be the last crucial card in this deck. It is very adaptable that can help you solve all cases. You can employ Musketeer to wipe out the enemy Ice Wizard or Wizard, and perform a counter push after that. If your rival sends out a Knight or a Mini P.E.K.K.A, you can also use Musketeer to destroy it before it reaches the Tower, then, you can make a counter push. Also, the Musketeer is good at taking out the Minions, or Baby Dragon or Lava Hound, then perform a counter push. Musketeer has a high chance to give you nice Elixir trades, after that, it will have a powerful counter push too. In addition, this card will deal chip damage to the tank as your units attempt to defeat the glass cannon at the back of it. Even though it doesn’t have high health, it’s still very good at tanking. Inflicting hundreds of damage to the rival tower before being destroyed is what Musketeer can do as well.

Spear Goblins

Spear Goblins will give you a lot of value for two Elixir. You can use these cards to aim at the air units. In addition, the Spear Goblins also are good at wiping out Minions, or Minion Horde if your Zap or Fireball can’t be rotated. If you have no spells, just position your Spear Goblins in the middle so that they will be able to take out around three or 4our minions. By doing so, your tower won’t absorb much damage. You can use the Spear Goblins to divert away the Princes or Mini P.E.K.K.A.


Fireball can be a powerful card that helps you fight off almost anything, and causes death. It is very good at countering all glass cannons. It can wipe them out easily or decrease their health strongly so that they will be destroyed by the tower. You can use the Fireball to get rid of Tower that is low on HP.


Once using Zap, your Miner, or Mini P.E.K.K.A or Musketeer will have additional shots on the tower. Also, Zap is good at taking out Goblins or Spear Goblins in just one push. You shouldn’t underestimate this card because it is a true savior for you!


Cannon is an essential card in this one. You can use Cannon to divert away the units as well as inflict high damage on them. It also helps you divert a Prince or tough attackers that are attempting to destroy your tower. If you want to defeat Royal GG or a Hog, you can use the Cannon in adjunction with Mini P.E.K.K.A or Barbarians to take them out, after that, you can perform a powerful counter push.


Barbarians are considered as a strong protective wall! They are countered with other cards like Fireball, Bomber, Wizard, or Baby Dragon easily, and they can finish their task very fast. Barbarians will help you fight off almost ground units if you put them properly. Also, they can even help you get to the tower quickly or when you need to protect it.

Overall scheme for the game

The key concentration in this deck is the protection. Also, it needs to obtain an Elixir advantage. You need to keep in mind that the main purpose of this deck is controlling, and many cards belong to the deck are very good at that. You are recommended to utilize your low HP units right after protecting. To do so, you are supposed to position a Miner at their tower, after that, you must let the units with low HP approach it so they can inflict high damage. Due to the firm endurance that Barbarians, Musketeers or Mini P.E.K.K.A have, they are able to get through all attacks even though they are low on HP.

Offensive tactics

You should check out some offensive tactics when using this deck if you are not into protecting or counterattacking. You can utilize this deck as Beatdown one. Below here are several combos for you to use.

  • The combo Miner and Spear Goblins: This combo can only inflict chip damage on the low Elixir cost. You need to know that it’s able to give out extremely high damage if they neglect it or aim at the Miner.
  • The combo Miner and Mini P.E.K.K.A: It takes roughly 10 seconds for this combo to destroy a tower. However, it is countered in an effortless way because Mini P.E.K.K.A will be diverted by anything.
  • The combo Miner and Musketeer: This combo can help you perform a great push just like the Mini Push. When Musketeer becomes slower, it will inflict damage on the tower soon due to the range.

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