Clash Royale Arena 5 Deck: Fast Cycle Hog Rider Deck

Clash Royale Arena 5 Deck: Fast Cycle Hog Rider Deck

Let’s grab a chance to check out an Arena 5 Deck which is about fast cycle Hog Rider Deck that helps you play Clash Royale game much better. It must be very irritating and uncomfortable to be unable to cycle back to the card that you need to use for defense. Most of the players surely want to become very hostile without getting anxious about having no right card for their defense. Now, this Arena 5 Deck with Hog Rider will help you to do so.

Clash Royale Arena 5 Deck: Fast Cycle Hog Rider Deck

Arena 5 deck with Hog Rider


Let’s check out the deck cards first:

  • The crucial offensive selection: Hog Rider (5), Goblin (8), Zap (8), Lightning (2)
  • Protective usefulness shell: Valkyrie (5), Spear Goblin (8), Cannon (8), Skeleton (7)
  • Average Elixir cost: 3.0

This deck is very simple and easy to understand, however, you are required to stay focused on the battle, especially when your rival fight you back and perform his push.

Card replacement

The deck is kind of adaptable. You are highly advised to not replace these cards, including Hog Rider, Spear Goblins, and Zap. Just be sure that your Zap and Hog is always at high enough level.

You can consider these cards: Minion, Minion Horde – which brings a better defense to you, but they cost high Elixir, Elixir pump (you can replace it with Cannon), Barbarians, Freeze, Fireball, and Arrows.

Overall Tactic

When launching the game

Maybe you want to go aggressive in most of the situations, but you should start it off with just an easy and simple push. You can use these pushes, including Hog and Goblins (6 Elixir), Goblins and Spear Goblins (4 Elixir), and Hog (4 Elixir). The objective of doing is not to defeat your enemy instantly, it’s just that you need to take a guess and measure what they are utilizing for their response. You must always bear in mind that the point of this opening is that knowing what your opponent will use to fight back your push. This can also let you know the deck they are playing.

If your enemy wants to become greedy with defense, just quickly discipline them! Use your Zap to fight off their Skeletons and Goblins if they utilize them to protect your push.

Have your defense ready if your opponent utilizes a powerful counter push defense.

More importantly, you must keep in mind that you mustn’t utilize your lightning even when the defense structure of your enemy is already established.

At the early stage of the game

Move along with your troops, and you can change several strategies if the former ones don’t work well. You should stay focused on considering the defense effectively. No need to be scared of cycling out less crucial card. The deck becomes the strongest once when both sides cling to the amount of Elixir they are possessing. It’s very ideal and great if you can make the tower of your opponent get down to 1k prior to entering in overtime. If their towers are still strong, it will be a bad sign. If you hardly take any damage at the very last minutes, it can become a difficult fight.

At the very last minute

Always stay watchful for the revenge from your enemy. When you fight against a slow deck, you will always have a clear health advantage. You should learn what deck your opponent is having by now, as well as their win condition and how you will protect. The phase of the game centers on making effective protection and getting a counter push for the final damage. If your enemy sends out a large tank behind, use your tiny push combo to attack another lane so that you can divert them away. You can’t use this deck to protect a large 15-20 elixir big push, but it’s very easy for you to protect a 10-12 elixir push because of how quick you can cycle to the crucial card at this phase.


By now, there are two situations happening to you. One is that you already give out enough damage to lightning finish off the enemy, and the other thing is that you already got into a deadlock (a crown tower trading or their crown tower is still very strong). If you’re in the latter situation, you shouldn’t get upset if the game comes to an end as a tie since this is the way that the deck operates. But that doesn’t mean it’s unable to win. You are highly advised to utilize the Lightning to clear up your enemy prior to overtime. In most of the situation, you are giving 6 Elixir to your enemy for the push. You need to continue protecting until it comes to the very last minute, then you can clear them up. By this way, they won’t be able to perform a counter push. Although you can get rid of something alongside or just make the match draw with a 1-1 score, and you won’t have leisure time for waiting until the very last second, using the Lightning will be a good play.


Taking everything into account, this Arena 5 Deck with Hog Rider still has some drawbacks, like large air unit (dragon/balloon), a large golem push, and princess. However, similar to other card games, most of the decks will have advantages and disadvantages. Also, you will always have sufficient room to play the deck better in the counter matchup. But with this deck, it’s very fast to learn and understand! Hope you find it useful!

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