Best Miner Cycle Deck

Can you believe that you will totally reach 4K trophies in Clash Royale game by utilizing the Miner Bait Deck? Now, all free-to-play players should pay attention to this deck because if you know how to use it properly, you will approach 4K trophies easily. Let’s find out how this deck works now!

All about Miner Cycle Deck


You shouldn’t shut the window! Lots of replacements are available for you to use. You can use the Miner for tanking fast and this doesn’t cost much. It’s kind of useful to destroy Princesses and Elixir Collectors too. Hog Rider will be a great replacement because it can move at a faster speed, and it has high health as well as it can put pressure on your rival, which assists you to move in a bunch of tower damage. The drawback of it is that you don’t have much semi-direct damage. It will be more difficult to destroy Princesses and cost you another 1 Elixir. But frankly speaking, it’s truly a nice replacement.


Princess can be seen as another Legendary in the deck. There are plenty of nice replacements for Princess. If you have her in your deck, you can mainly use her to deal chip damage and swarm control. For that fact, Fire Spirits can be used as a nice replacement for her. The most outstanding difference is that Princesses lure Logs, Arrows or Miners, which is very handy. Fire Spirits also go along with the Hog Rider, you can consider them as a voluntary replacement, however, you must observe the swarm control.

Best Miner Cycle Deck


Furnace is the control card that you can’t ignore in the game! Using it will help you completely reject your enemy of any splash powerless units, such as Barbarians, Goblins, Lava Pups and Mega Minion. You can use the Furnace for the controlling, but it can be used to deal large amounts of chip damage as well. When solo, the Furnace is able to deal more than 800 damage to a tower. You are highly recommended for this if your Furnace is at a high level in order to help the Fire Spirits get to the tower. The Furnaces at level 7 will get to the King Tower at level 9 easily. For the Furnaces at level 9, it will approach the King Tower at Level 10. You should consider this card very carefully when you battle against your enemy that has the powerful towers which will damage your Spirits in just one shot.

Goblin Barrel

Goblin Barrel only costs one more Elixir than common Goblins. Using this card will help you deal a large amount of damage if you know how to use it properly. These cards can also be considered as another semi-direct damage troop. It is kind of crucial to have a grasp of the spells of your enemy because this is a Zap bait deck. If you learn that your enemy possesses a Log or Zap, you probably want to dispatch your Goblin Barrel to the middle. Doing so will help several Goblins stay alive. When one Goblin is teamed up with the Miner, it will be able to give out a bunch of damage too. On the other hand, if you learn that your enemy possesses Arrows, you probably will have to put Goblin Barrel at a distance with the hope of making them miss. Try to always think carefully when you play with Goblin Barrel. Also, you should have a grasp of your enemy’s cards too.

Skeleton Army

Skeleton Army has nice DPS and will be able to destroy other tanks in just a bit. Splash vulnerability is the only downside that it has. You should carefully play this card in a right way. If you know that your enemy possesses a Giant with the assistance of a Wizard, you need to send off your Miner for taking then position the Skeleton Army on the other side in order to elude the deadly splash of Wizard. When playing defense, if the enemy doesn’t own any Splash units to respond to the assault of Skeleton Army, you should place Inferno Tower and Skeleton Army on each side, which will make your rival hesitant on which card they should focus on attacking by using their spell.

Minion Horde

Even with numerous brand new cards that are able to use to counter Minion Horde, like Fire Spirits, or Mega Minion, this Minion Horde can still become extremely destructive. Similar to other cards, you need to play and use this card in a proper way. You are advised not to play and use this card into splash units, like Fire Spirits or Wizard, and you shouldn’t use it at the early stage of the competition if you have no idea about which cards your enemy has to fight back. Make sure you try to learn the cards of your enemy, start cycling in order to attack them easily when you catch them off guard. This will also help you obtain the most value.

Inferno Tower

Inferno Tower can be an outstanding card in this deck. You are supposed to stay watchful for the cards of your enemy all the time because a lightning spell or a freeze spell will still be able to demolish your Inferno Tower easily. However most of the time, the enemy will run out of their Zap, or they probably will preserve their Zap in order to deal with your cards. It will be better if you place Furnace at the back of your tower at a further distance while placing Inferno Tower ahead because it’s impossible for the enemy to lightning all of three buildings. Also, you must be aware of cheap units which will probably divert the Inferno Tower. But if you use Princess or Fire Spirits, no need to get anxious much as they will surely help you finish off those cheap units.

Ice Spirit

Ice Spirit will be able to deal large amounts of damage, particularly when it’s with cards that have high DPS. A solitary Goblin can be left unattended, but you cannot ignore a Goblin Barrel that is teamed up with an Ice Spirit. Ice Spirit is very good to play defense, especially when it’s combined with the Inferno Tower, Skeleton Army on iced splash units, and it’s also great at adding an additional threat to a lot of pushes.

Overall Gameplay

There are two crucial things that you must stay concentrated on, which is protection and the splash cards. You must succeed in protecting while taking out their Zap or even making the enemy hesitant to utilize it.

Nevertheless, you need to always remember that some enemies will have their own counters to your baiting troops. You can try using lots of ways, however, make sure you always use the defense because this is the key element that helps you solve some kind of problems like this easily. Always protect yourself, and this is a must! There are so many protective troops available in the deck, like the Furnace, Inferno Tower, Ice Spirit, as well as Princess. If you know how to use them properly, you will surely be able to prevent any push.

Cracking pushing

Since lots of cards in the deck don’t cost too much, you will be able to break the push apart which is a high risk to your enemy when he doesn’t have high Elixir, or if he doesn’t have many swarm control cards.

When the Miner is put between the crown towers, two towers will aim at the Miner. This will help you divert both of the towers. Your Miner will be destroyed twice very fast, however, the push will be twice as dangerous.

A Skeleton Army can be sent off on one side, while the other side will have a Goblin Barrel. Using this combo that costs 9 Elixir, you will be able to demolish both towers of your enemy and it will be a high chance for you to reduce both towers to almost zero.

Furnace Tech

You can obtain your Elixir advantage when utilizing the Furnace. When a powerful Mega Minion with a complete health is coming to you, just let your Furnace finish it off! This is probably a bad Elixir trade for you, but with one minus Elixir, you will possess a building which will create more than 4 hordes of the Fire Spirits. If your enemy has a tombstone, you should put the Furnace down on the opposing lane or you use it for the protection.

Because the deck consists of two defenses, it will be sensible to put your Furnace at the back of your tower in order to stop your enemy from using Lightning, Poison or even Fireball!

You can even put pressure on your enemy by utilizing Furnace. If a tower of the enemy doesn’t have more than 500 health, then put a Furnace on that side in order to cause your opponent to accept to lost that tower or use a building a unit that will surely get their cards out of rotation, then you will make your enemy focus on two lanes while you concentrate on just one.

The weaknesses of Deck

Your deck may be weaker than several cards, such as Valkyrie, Witch, Tombstone, and Log. When you are in the battle against these cards, you must use your smart strategies and switch your plays. You should keep your Miner and Ice Spirit to destroy the Witch, preserve Minion Horde to take care of the Valkyrie, and you can utilize split pushes when you face off against the Log. Make sure you will play in a tactical way to defeat those cards.

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