Best Furnace Deck for Arena 7 and 8

Be sure to explore one of the best Furnace Decks in Clash Royale game that can totally help you at Arena 7 and 8. Basically, the deck won’t be considered as a meta killer, however, it still can do a nice job for you. Royal Giant or Hog Rider can be awesome decks, but sometimes, you can think about trying a new one which is this Furnace Deck to experience more!

Best Furnace Deck for Arena 7 and 8

Cards Breakdown


You need to spend 4 Elixir on Furnace which can last a long period of time, like around 50 seconds. The furnace has good HP and can spawn 2 killing Fire Spirits every10 seconds. Make sure you improve it to a higher level so that the Fire Spirit is strong enough to get to the tower of enemy.

Goblin Hut

This card is considered as the second unit spawner. Try to put it down first if Furnace isn’t in your beginning hands yet. When the combat almost comes to its end, you need to put your Huts down ahead of your Towers in order to fight off the enemy pushes and keep your Towers safe.


Needless to say, Mirror is the true MVP of the deck. You can utilize Mirror to set up more buildings always or even prior to the double Elixir time. If you use Mirror and stay concentrated on one lane, you will be able to make your enemy play on defense.


These guys can be considered as the meat shield. With them, you can cope with Royal Giant, P.E.K.K.A, Hog Rider and so on. You shouldn’t use Barbarians when you play offensively since they are not fast and other splash damaging troops can take them out very easily. Use Mini P.E.K.K.A as an alternative to Barbarians.

Goblins and Spear Goblins

These cards are not expensive, and they can help you bait as well as destroy many units. They can assist your swarms push too. Feel free to place them in any deck.


It’s so annoying and irritating to cope with Princess when you are at Arena 7 or above. Arrows can be used as an alternative to Miner, so make sure you replace it. Arrows are kind of handy and can totally assist you to handle Princess and Ice Wizard.

Fire Spirits

Undoubtedly, Fire Spirits are handy cards, which can cope with Minion Horde, Barbarians, and others easily.

General Gameplan

Play on defense

You are recommended to play on defense, not always play on offense. Some people try to play in an aggressive way and they completely commit to only one lane. This can lead them to a big failure. You can rule one lane if you want, but make sure you won’t over-commit on the structures.

You should release the split pushes along with the Furnace, after that, start your principal pushing lane at a right time. By doing so, you can stop the large spells from destroying your buildings. You shouldn’t give a hope to an early Tower while you are using this deck. Normally, you can finish off the initial tower during the double Elixir time.

You shouldn’t get panicked when you need to offer up your buildings. You must do that occasionally.

Princess Watch

Hut Deck is not really good at competing against other decks due to its ordinary of the splash damage, particularly Princess and Ice Wizard. For a Princess, she is totally able to close down your while lane. Hence, you may want to get rid of her instantly by employing your Arrows or Miner. Princess is very good at fighting off most of any units in the deck.

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