Arena 6 Deck That Would Help You Reach Arena 8

Have you ever wondered how to reach Arena 8 from Arena 6 easily before? Look no further because these tips below will help you handle all the pushes and attacks of your opponent in Clash Royale game! The Arena 6 deck utilizes the Balloon Giant as the principal push.

Arena 6 Deck That Would Help You Reach Arena 8

All Cards in the Deck


Giant is a crucial element when you make a push while you are utilizing this deck. You surely want to use this guy first when you need to push. If you do so, you will gain sufficient Elixir so that you can obtain the adequate push before Giant has traversed the river. Be sure that Giant will absorb damage from the Tower of your enemy so that he can defend your Balloon. However, you also need to ensure that the distance between Giant and Balloon is just a bit in order to cause your enemy to destroy the Balloon in a difficult way.

The normal push would be like this: Giant at the back of King’s Tower first, then Archers, then Balloon at the bridge. Throughout the double Elixir time, you need to put your Giant 1-tile away ahead of your Crown Tower. Typically, if the combo of Giant and Balloon is able to get to the Tower of the enemy with 50% HP Giant, the Tower will collapse for sure.


This is the principal damage dealer in the deck. If Balloon is able to get to the Tower of the enemy, at least 1400 damage will be given out by him. You should try to reduce the far distance between Balloon and your Giant, like keep both of them close to each other. Try to practice to do so since Balloon is very fast! He can go more quickly than the Giant. Some good players relatively are able to fight back the solitary Balloon. Hence, you must pair him with your Giant. Don’t utilize Balloon to begin a push or use it too early for astonishing your enemy, particularly if the opponent possesses anti-air units. You should put it at the corner, and it will be able to surpass the buildings effortlessly in the center.

Elixir Collector

Normally, you should put your Elixir at the back of your Towers at the early stage of the game. Try to put the Elixir Collect at the safe side that doesn’t get assaulted by your rival in order to reduce the damage it could absorb. At the Double Elixir Time, you are able to put it at the center of your side for defending the fragile Towers. This’s kind of important after demolishing 1 Tower and you need to preserve the win.


Arrows are the cards that can handle the assaults of Minions, swarms, Princess and several typical counters to the Balloon. You can send out the Arrows first, but if missing, you will be able to leave a vulnerable powerful counter push. Feel free to allow the Princess to attack your Crown Towers if she’s not irritating, then you can destroy her by using your Spear Goblins.

Minion Horde

This card is kind of weak, however, it’s still a great damage one. You can use it for defense mostly when the solitary horde seldom gets to the Tower of the opponent. Send out Minion Horde to destroy Ice Wizard, Witches, Musketeers, Valkyries, Mini P.E.K.K.A and much more other non-splash damage troops. You shouldn’t put them on the top of Barbarians when you handle a Royal Giant. If you do so, you can be attacked by the Fireball easily. The card plays a crucial role on defense. Also, it’s good at destroying the air units of the enemy. Also, Minion Horde is able to wipe out Lava Hounds and Balloons if you use it properly.


Barbarians are considered as one of the excellent cards in the entire game. Because they always move at a slow speed, they can be used for defense mostly. Using Barbarians can help you slay a Hog easily before it gets to the Tower. Also, they can help you destroy the Royal Giant very fast. Dealing much damage to the opponent is just a piece of cake to Barbarians. If your enemy utilizes a Tank and Splash assault, you must destroy that instantly, or else you won’t be able to use your protective units accurately. In hopeless cases, Barbarians are able to assist you to kill a Valkyrie, however, you’re advised not to use this.


Archers are very adaptable cards. With them, you are capable of fighting back a bunch of units. You should put them in the center to your side. They will help you bait a Valkyrie or Baby Dragon to the opposing lane. If they are placed on the top of a solitary Wizard, they will be able to destroy it as well. You can use them for supporting your push too. If Archers are placed at the back of Giant and Balloon, they are able to prevent the counters easily. They can wipe out Goblins, Minions and deal a large amount of damage to Mini P.E.K.K.A

Spear Goblins

Spear Goblins are also excellent cards in the game. You can use them for offense and defense. They are very good at handling Barbarians that have full HP if you play them accurately in the middle. Also, you can even create a +3 Elixir trade with them. You should use them to divert Prince, Giant Skeleton, Mini P.E.K.K.A and other melee units away. When they are used for offense, they can be used as an alternative to Archers. They can assist Giant Balloon to perform a great push. But Zap can wipe them out very easily, hence, just make sure you utilize them properly. You shouldn’t begin a push with Spear Goblins.

Overall Game Strategy

Tips to snowball when you use this deck

If you want to obtain 3 crown wins when you utilize this deck, just try to learn how to snowball. The double Elixir Time is the best phase when you rule the combat. When you put your Giant at the back of your King’s Tower, then begin your push, this means that before the push traverses the river, you will be able to get another Giant and Balloon ready. Your enemy will find it very difficult to handle the second horde. In addition, you are supposed to fight back the opposing lane when you can. Take an instance like this! If the enemy sends out his Elixir unit at a high level on the other lane, you need to push the opposing side and attempt to preserve your Barbarians/Minion Horde for protection.

Thrusting Combo

You already know that the Giant and Balloon combo is the principal assaulting tactic in the deck, particularly when Archers and Spear Goblins protect them. But, you can utilize Barbarians at high HP once protecting and Balloon as well, but it’s kind of vulnerable to Fireball. If Arrows are not in your hand, and a Minion Horde is coming to you, just send out your Archers and Goblins.

Spark, along with Ice Wizard and Inferno Tower combo are the excellent counters to the deck. They are able to prevent your push. Hence, you are supposed to play defense to get a tie.

Handy tips you should learn

  • If the enemy sends out his Miner when you play Elixir Collect, you should put it down in the middle of your side for the other time.
  • Keep your spirits up! You need to stay calm and be patient when playing this deck.
  • If one of the Towers has been collapsed, you shouldn’t hurry to push the lane. If you do so, the rival can surprise your pushes easily. You can begin to push another lane so that you can stop the enemy from destroying your subsequent Tower
    • Don’t execute a push too much! You may become very susceptible to a counter push easily. Just allow your fragile Barbarians to die. You shouldn’t support them much with other units.

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