Arena 5 Pushing Deck with Valkyrie and Hog Rider

Some players of Clash Royale game find it very difficult to overcome Arena 4 and 5 in the game. No matter what difficulties you are undergoing, just keep your spirits up and feel free to check out lots of tips that help you conquer those Arenas now!

Arena 5 Pushing Deck with Valkyrie and Hog Rider

About Arena 5 Pushing Deck

It’s not hard much to get to Arena 6 if you use Hog Rider at level 4 and Common at level 5. You guys are able to as for cards from the mates in your Clan without having any issues. The deck is free for all to play because it doesn’t utilize any Epic.

The deck is considered as an altered clone of a famous one in Arena 7 and 8. With this deck, you will be able to handle all dangers in Arena 4 and 5 more effectively and effortlessly.

Overall Game Plan

When you start utilizing the deck, you surely need to play defense at the beginning, after that, you can release a counter attack with the units that you deploy for the protection.

Valkyrie + Musketeer + Hog Rider

This combo plays a crucial role in the deck, and they are the principal push! With these guys, you are able to handle all the pushes in Arena 4 and 5. After you protect, if Valkyrie still survives, you need to release and place your Hog Rider at the back of her in order to let the Hog takes her to the Tower of your enemy faster. Also, with the assistance of Valkyrie, your Hog is able to get rid of all interruptions on your way, as well as inflict damage to the Tower. With the presence of Musketeer at the back, you can totally deal additional damage easily. Occasionally, with this push, you will be able to destroy a tower efficiently.

Hog + Goblins

The push of this combo is kind of typical, however, it’s very powerful and efficient. When you feel a need to play in a hostile way, or when you wish to perform a sneak push when the enemy doesn’t have high Elixir, just quickly utilize this combo to do so.

If the enemy prevents your Hog Rider by sending out his Barbarians, you should take a guess, and use Fireball to deal with him first. Your Valkyrie will be able to finish off all of them by using only one swing.


There are still several difficult cards you must know how to use and deal with in the deck, including:


In this deck, Musketeer is only one card that fights against air units. You need to always prepare to use Musketeer so you can handle all the attacks of Balloon. Try to bait the Balloon to the center by using your Cannon, the put the Musketeer ahead of the King’s Tower. Surely Balloon won’t be able to reach the Crown Tower. If you want to focus on Musketeer more, just use Zap and Fireball to do so.

Hut Decks

This is a famous deck in Arena 4 and 5 due to the easy use of it. You can use the deck to get advanced to Arena 4 and above. After your enemy released the Barbarian Hut, or when he doesn’t have enough Elixir, you should perform a push on the other lane faster by using your Valkyrie – Hog, or Hog – Goblins. If you continue doing so, you will be able to get rid of one Tower prior to the double Elixir time. After that, you can protect until the death. You shouldn’t wait to utilize Fireball if you are able to destroy 2 Huts and the Tower that is close by.

Giant Decks

You can utilize Cannon to bait the Giant to the center, then start to handle lots of the units at the back by utilizing Valkyrie, Musketeers, Fireball and so on. You shouldn’t spend much time on the Giant first, the backup units at the back are much more deadly. You are able to destroy the Giant more quickly by using Skeletons or Goblins.

Cannon Decks

Release your Cannon in a reactive way in the center. This card will be able to get rid of the Hog Rider easily with the assistance from the Tower that is close by. If the enemy pair Hog with Goblins, you must attack them with one shot by using Valkyrie or Zap.

To sum up, you’re recommended to learn more tips and prepare strategies when you use this deck to reach Arena 6. Once learning, you will find it very easy to get past the Arena 4 and 5. Have fun and good luck to you!

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