Arena 5 Free-To-Play X-Bow Deck

Are you excited for checking out a lot of useful tips to play X-Bow Deck in Clash Royale game? Grab this chance now to explore as well as learn more interesting stuff. The X-Bow Deck is suitable for players at Arena 5 and above. The principle tactic of this one is to cycle through the cards very quickly so that you can obtain numerous X-Bows while attempting to cope with many deadly assaults from the enemies.

Arena 5 Free-To-Play X-Bow Deck

All About The Cards

Arena 5 Free-To-Play X-Bow Deck


X-Bow is the most crucial card in this deck. You can cause the enemy to go collapse easily if you know how to use it wisely. You’re not suggested to use X-Bow to distract some units, like Lava Hound, Hog Rider, Royal Giant, and Giant.

Ice Wizard/Wizard/Musketeer

These cards are known as the main air counter Units. Each of them will assist you on defense a lot. They will get some attacks on the rival Tower from time to time, and they can even cause your rival to tilt.


These cards are considered as a low-priced distraction that is able to remove Royal Giant or Hog Rider. They are nice Cycle Troops too.

Archers/Spear Goblins

They are considered as your Backup Air Defense units. You can use them to deal with minion hordes and 3 Minions that are trying to slide by your Stab Goblins in a secret way.


You can use Bomber or Witch to fight back all Barbarians or Skeleton Army. Witch may not work perfectly, however, Bomber is not costly, and it’s able to be cycled more quickly. You can use it to divert away all the attacks from Mini P.E.K.K.A or the Prince.


Zap is seen as the best spell in the game for now! You are not recommended to use it to finish off Goblins or Spear Goblins. The proper way for utilizing this card is to hold up a bit until your rival places a Minion Horde. You can cope with it by using your Spear Goblins, or Archers then Zap. This will help you gain an equivalent Elixir trade or even more than 1. Zap is very great at countering Barbarians as well.

Minions/Fire Spirits

With the assistance of Minions, you can destroy Royal Giant, Hog, Balloon, Giant, Valkyrie, Musketeer, Sparky and much more. But if you use Fire Spirits, then you will be able to finish off Minion Hordes, Skeleton Army, Barbarians, Witch, Goblin Barrel and other tough fire Spirits. You can change them if you want, especially when you can’t deal with those mentioned cards above.

Elixir Collector

This is an extremely significant card in the card. It will help you cycle a 6 Elixir Card. Surely you will go insane when you’re able to cycle with Elixir Collector more quickly.

Handy tips and tricks you should know

To fight off a Royal Giant user, make sure you will be out cycle his Royal Giant. With the initial placing time increase on the X-Bow, it means that the opponent has to cycle through 4 second-Elixir so that he is able to retrieve his/her Royal Giant prior to being locked on his/her own Tower.

To fight off a Hog user, if it’s a Hog Cycle deck, just expect that you will be screwed. Nevertheless, in the real meta, the Trifecta deck is more well-known. You must fight back Hog using your Minions or Archers or Bomber all the time. Zap can’t kill them. Then, you can use your troops that are able to zap in order to perform a large push, such as Goblins, Spear Goblins, Skeletons. Then, you use the X-Bow on Overtime where you can Out Cycle most of the decks if your Elixir Collectors are sufficient.

To counter Miner, you should put down your Elixir Collectors ahead of the King’s Tower. Then, you should think and speculate where the Miner will pop up.

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