Rage“Increases troop movement and attack speed by 40%. Troop buildings and summoners deploy troop faster. Chaaarge!”

How to use Fire Spirits Properly

  • The card can be unlocked from Arena 3
  • With the Rage Spell, you can develop the damage and movement speed of your armies in just a radius instantly
Radius Cost Rarity Type
5 3 Epic Spell

How to use Fire Spirits Properly

  • You can utilize the Rage Spell to increase the movement speed of the slow troops, including P.E.K.K.A, Giants, Balloons and so forth.
  • The spell can also be utilized to develop the speed and damage to a big unit of troops
  • Also, you can use this one to increase the speed of Hut and Buildings to help them spawn the armies and launch their assaults more quickly.


Level Duration
1 8 sec
2 8.5 sec
3 9 sec
4 9.5 sec
5 10 sec
6 10.5 sec
7 11 sec
8 11.5 sec