“Don’t let the little pony fool you. Once the Prince gets a running start, you WILL be trampled. Does 2x damage once he gets charging.”

Clash Royale Cards

  • The Princess possesses such a specific skill! When he carries on running, his movement speed will be increased. When attacking an army or any building, he will give out 2x damage while losing the speed bonus instantly. But, he can totally retrieve it if he begins moving once again.
  • The Prince can be unlocked from the Training Camp

Hit speed Speed Deploy time Range Targets Elixir Cost Rarity
1.5 sec Medium 1sec 2.5 Ground 5 Epic

Clash Royale Cards

  • You can utilize the Prince as an assaulting army; he can totally wipe out all opponent Towers easily by using his own capability. Just try to utilize this one with other armies and you can gain a lot of benefits. In addition, the specific skill of the Prince is also nice for the prompt rushes.
  • Don’t forget to use a nice combo, including Prince and Witch; this could be because the Witch can give out splash damage and protect the Prince by using her Skeletons. However, you may consider about your Elixir if you are longing for this combo. Just be sure that you have sufficient Elixir to fight back all counterattacks.
  • For your protection, you need to gather the Prince with armies who turn up in big numbers. With this way, the armies, like Skeleton army, will surely be more numerous than the Prince, and can distract him easily.
  • You can use a Tombstone to tackle with the Prince easily. The Prince can be destroyed by the tombstone at an equal level.

Clash Royale Cards

Level HP Damage Ability Damage DPS
1 1,100 240 480 160
2 1,210 264 528 176
3 1,331 290 580 193
4 1,463 319 638 212
5 1,609 350 700 214
6 1,760 384 768 234
7 1,936 422 844 258
8 2,123 463 924 282

Changelogs: 23/3/2016 Charge speed reduced by 15%.