• The Guards are strengthened Skeletons, and they can be found in Royal Arena. Every single guard is provided with a shield that is extremely identical to the shield of Dark Prince. The shield can tank the initial hit all the time, regardless of how much detriment it is. But, below the shield, they are kind of the same as Skeleton in damage, movement speed, and health.
  • The Guard is able to tank a bunch of shots from tough strikers. Hauling a fragile PEKKA stops her from hitting your Tower. PEKKA has to launch attacks to every Skeleton twice. That can be a crazy positive Elixir trade. Counter an enemy utilizing Hog Zap; the Zap can’t launch 1 shot to the Guards.
  • You can also utilize Guards to fight back Sparky. By utilizing their shield, the Guards can totally deal with the initial shot from the Sparky and go kill it prior it attacks the second time.
  • They don’t have the nice efficiency to counter the splash damaging groups. Vice versa, on your side, along with nice surround technique, the Guards will be able to annihilate the splash troops, and they can stay alive from a counter thrust.
  • The Fire Spirit are very good at defeating the Guards. The initial Spirit gives out large damage to the shield and the second one will defeat the shield, the third one will deliver death.

Clash Royale Cards

Level HP Shield HP Damage Damage per second
1 65 150 65 54
2 71 165 71 59
3 78 181 78 65
4 86 199 86 71
5 94 219 94 78
6 104 240 104 86
7 114 264 114 95
8 125 289 125 104