FurnaceThe Furnace is known as a brand new rare card in Clash Royale game, and you can obtain this car from Spell Valley, Arena 5. You will find out how it works and check out some of the useful tips to utilize it properly.

Through a picture above, you can have a look at some of the fundamental information about the Furnace card in the game. The card can create 2 Fire Spirits at once for each 10 seconds and the lifetime time of it is around 50 seconds, meaning it can deploy 6 waves during its lifetime.

How to use Furnace in Clash Royale

The Furnace is more likely to come along with the Huts. If you are unable to defeat them, just team up with them! The Furnace can be utilized as a reactive card. It can be used over Cannon to tackle with Hog easily. The tank can keep Hog and deal out 333 immediate burst damages to the Hog

It shares the same value as the Goblin Hut, benefitting 3 Elixir worth of troops in its life span. Based upon the standard of tournament, you can check out the way that the spells build up interaction with the Furnace below here:


For instance, aiming at it with just a Lightning Spell will stop 4 out 6 hordes from entering. The Poison can be very awesome since it can stop 3 hordes from entering while destroying the fourth horde.


Level HP Fire Spirits Level
1 600 3
2 660 4
3 726 5
4 798 6
5 876 7
6 960 8
7 1,056 9
8 1,158 10
9 1,276 11
10 1,402 12
11 1,536 13